Tom Hoskin
Seriously solutions CEO

With masters in business studies from both Yale and Harvard, Tim rose
through the ranks of the Enron corporation, devising innovative accounting
procedures. He then moved to the UK, where he was a driving force in
outsoucing Railtrack's track maintenance. He was then head hunted by
Metronet to set up their PFI for the London Underground.
After a brief spell at Northern Rock he moved to the Royal Bank of Scotland,
where he masterminded the takeover of the dutch bank AMB.
He was also appointed to the board of Woolworths.
Tim is particularly excited about Seriously Solutions. “Im convinced we have
the perfect mix of products to thrive in today’s particularly challenging market”.
(more info on personal website).


Dr Gerald C. Bandler
President, Technology

body parts Gerald joined Seriously Solutions in December 2003, beginning in Los Angeles as an Area Developer before becoming a franchise owner in the Consumer Research Triangle area of Bedford, Wellingborough and Northampton. He brings more than 10 core-years of Information Technology (IT), entrepreneurial and leadership experience to his position within the company.
As a futurologist and consultant, he lectures both widely and internationally. In between conference lunches, Bandler writes on topics such as self-navigating footwear, vague weather predictions, The Intravenous Internet, Real World Reality Construction (RWRC), Doughnuts for Dust Collection and advanced RPS technology.
More information can be found on his personal website.  

Bob Runacre
President, Sales

jaundice Bob Runacre. Born in the United States in 1981 to a nurse and a doctor . Left school at age 12 with no qualifications but a passion for selling. Family fled California to avoid environmental disaster, arriving in Britain in 1995. Founded 3 fortunes selling mechanical toys and is now considered one of Britain's top retail geniuses, consulted by leading politicians of all parties. Little time for leisure activities but a keen collector of classic sports cars and finds some relaxation in entering pie-eating contests. Thrice winner of the coveted Fray Bentos Shield. A concert-level pianist for whom many new works have been composed and a noted expert in Aikido. He has been for many years Melodeon-player for the Stradhoughton Morris and a part-time special constable. Bob is an acknowledged authority on the plays of Brendan Behan, about whom he has written the definitive biography. The only unmarried member of the team with a full pilot's licence, he grew his beard to keep women away.

Maxine Barzini
Product Designer

jaundice Barzini believes in the practise of "Method Designing" and spent many years on the streets of Baltimore before developing the extensive range of Gangster Gadgets for Seriously Solutions. As a designer she is continuously searching for a new way to reinvent the wheel. "In the material reality, design objects are calculations of the imaginations of the matrix -- a matrix that uses the corporation as a machine to represent ideas, patterns, and emotions." explains Maxine. Barzini is also a world renowned saxophonist. Her critically acclaimed album 'Sax to the Max' sold over 1 million copies in the first week alone. Find out more at her personal website.